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Art That Fits

We are proud to be partners with Art That Fits. Through this company you are able to have any fine art printed in canvas or paper, AND IN ANY SIZE YOU NEED! Custom sizing the art to fit your special area is just one more way Windermere Fine Art and Custom Framing is working to have unique framed artwork that is just right for you! is a well designed and easy to navigate website. You can search for artwork by: 

  • Artist: Art My Style has over 100 talented up and coming and established artists' works in their gallery.
  • Preferred Color: Makes decorating with artwork a breeze.
  • Room Setting: Recommended artwork for every room in your home.
  • Your Interests: Contemporary, Americana, Global, and more.
  • Art Orientation: Horizontal, Vertical or Square.
    Companion Pieces

Art purchased at Art That Fits can be shipped to Windermere Fine Art and Custom Framing, with no shipping charge to you. You will also receive a 15% discount on any art purchased from Art My Style that you frame with us.

Art That Fits, in essence, has created a website that helps guide you every step of the way - think of as your very own personal art shopper.


In Art That Fits, the "My Art Gallery", is another useful shopping tool. Using your email address, you can sign up for your own art gallery; a portfolio of sorts where you can add your favorite artwork, refer to it at a later date, and even share your art discoveries with friends and family.

Samples of your favorite art work are also available. You can order 5.5 inch X 8.5 inch paper samples (feels like a high quality water color paper) or canvas samples (high quality also) for $6.00. I love the idea of samples (which depicts the true color something you simply cannot get from a printout) since you can add them to your design portfolio and refer to them when your are shopping for other decor, accessories and furnishings.

rural house When the art comes in, you will be pleasantly surprised. The color pigment was intense, vibrant and rich. Touching the paper you immediately think of water color paper - it feels expensive. This is no ordinary giclee - this piece looked like a true water color. Art My Style "captures the look and essence of the original artwork by using a printing process that provides better color accuracy and pigmentation." For a visual comparison, a "regular" giclee which when laid next to the Art That Fits print looked like an inexpensive print with dull color and lack of depth.

The entire online art buying process via Art That Fits is simple, convenient.